NEWSFLASH Animal By-Product Derived Products Market Conditions Update Potential Impact of Brexit No Deal Scenario July 2019

FABRA UK represents over 90% of the UK animal by product processing industry and engages and negotiates with key industry groups and other interested parties.

Over the last couple of years, we have been in discussion with Gov UK representatives from DEFRA, its Agencies and devolved Governments to prepare for potential Brexit scenarios. In the last few weeks the discussions on No Deal implications have intensified considerably as this seems more likely than ever and the UK’s EU departure date of 31st October 2019 is approaching fast.

On behalf of our members we are alerting our key stakeholders of potentially significant disruption to access into European markets for processed animal protein (PAP) and tallow. 

We are looking into practical contingencies to prevent and minimise disruption to our operations. However, we also need Gov UK to assist with solutions to address the EU import conditions that will apply to the UK as a third country under No Deal and on opening export markets for our products to other third countries.

If these issues cannot be resolved or mitigated there may be a significant fall in UK PAP and tallow prices and potential disruption to our collections of ABPs from the meat industry.

We are alerting our customers and industry stakeholders of these potential market conditions to give them advanced warning that our members may be forced to review their collection and pricing strategies for animal by product raw material. This is an industry wide issue and is not limited to individual animal by product processors.

We ask our stakeholders to pass on this information to their colleagues and members in their relevant sectors and lobby UK Gov for support in keeping the meat supply chain open for business.

 While these uncertain market conditions prevail FABRA UK may issue further bulletins and updates. Please also check our website ( for further updates.